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Submit your video to our instructors and get feedback on your swing / pitching / fielding or catching mechanics.

After your video submission we will set up a call time in which and instructor will go step by step with a mechanical breakdown of your movements and what you can do to improve.  Calls will be set up for 20-30 minutes of breakdown + Q&A.

Instructors will provide back screen shots / video feedback via text message in a group with parents and player to go over while on the phone.

This is a great way for busy players to get feedback from our professional instructors without coming in for individual instruction if you don't have the time between other sports or during your baseball season.

We will ask for several different angles below as well as multiple swings, pitches, or movements.

Email asking for specific angles will follow based on your request.

Please see angles needed below.

Cost: $50 per session


Pitching Video

Hitting Video

Catching Video

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